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Dragonica Mobile: Cliff of Emprise is Up in Stores!

Dragonica Mobile: Cliff of Emprise is Up in Stores!

by CeeZeeJanuary 6, 2017


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iOs, Android

Dragonica Mobile: Cliff of Emprise has officially LAUNCHED! Playpark has taken under its wings to publish. Be astound with their new revamped system updates and new features which allows REAL TIME Party 3 vs 3 Guild Wars; Weapon Crafting and a series of Events with bountiful rewards! So grab your phones and prepare to venture off into MMORPG world of Dragonica Mobile: Cliff of Emprise!

With a new change of name, Dragonica Mobile: Cliff Emprise also comea with a whole New System and Features:


REAL TIME Party: Party up with friends to battle menacing Monsters and savage Bosses to obtain awesome rewards.


REAL TIME PvP: Challenge other warriors real-time to test your strength and skills.


Cliff of Emprise (Siege): Battle to own every 10th cliff levels. Protect them against other warriors in this epitome of fights. Huge prizes await your successes!


Weapon Crafting: You can now complete exciting quests to obtain items for crafting of powerful weapons.


New World Boss: Fun is guaranteed with savage bosses and tough new challenges

Important Note: Pre-registrations are still available until 10 Jan 2017. There will be a special gift for LINE Users so do not miss this chance! (Rewards will be provided on 11 Jan 2017)


For more info, check out their official website for news and updates!

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