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Dragon Nest Mobile (CN) CBT launched!

Dragon Nest Mobile (CN) CBT launched!

by CeeZeeDecember 8, 2016

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Release Platform

iOS, Android

Dragon Nest Mobile has gone through many tests and has revealed many features that we are expecting on a Mobile MMORPG. This time we will be able to experience the game. You can download and try it for yourself during this CBT to experience it! Just click on the link at the end of the article. So what are the differences between its PC version and the Mobile version? Here’s what we’ve found out!

PC versus Mobile

Game modes & Classes

The game is similar to its PC version. The controls are optimized for the mobile platform to perform skills during combat. As any MMORPG goes, there will be PvP gameplay as well. However there are only 4 characters or classes to choose, from Warrior, Sorcerer, Priest and Archer. Every class has been play tested in the game to ensure balance between the classes, which they have a “Fair Mode” for PvP which lowers player’s stats for balance purposes. Thus only certain skills are kept for the mobile version.



Lore and Dungeons

Dragon Nest’s lore has been very interesting and expansive for each patch that came our way. The Mobile version however elaborates the lore differently. The main quests allows players to make choices which will determine how each character’s story develops.

To bring us as close as possible to the PC version, Dragon Nest Mobile was recreated with similar dungeons and details. The developers has made it so that players will be able to recognize the scenes, monsters and appearances. Even the skills for certain monsters are the same like the Gargoyle Twin Horn from Forest Sanctuary that can Stone-form itself to regenerate and enhances it’s defences just like the PC version.


Graphics and Sounds

But would the graphics look the same as the PC version? Well the characters and the maps inherited the same art style which we are comfortable with from the PC version so rest assured. However there are certain changes to the towns like Saint Haven which they have created more paths to walk around to fit it into our mobile screen. Just like our PC version, players will be able to purchase character costumes from the cash shop to beautify their characters.


For everything that we enjoyed in the game, we also enjoyed the sound and voices in the game. The sounds in the mobile version were reproduced by the original team. The music and the ambience can be heard faintly when you’re in the town. Of all the voices that get stuck in my head is the voice of Exchange Deacon Deowen. He’s annoying. But I hope that he’s still there in the Mobile version.

Mobile UI


The UI is easy to control as the movement will be controlled with a virtual joystick on the left side and the skills will be activated on the right side of your screen. There are the usual social interactions like the emotes and dancing. A new camera mode and radio station will also be added into the CBT.

So if you’d like to check out the game, please make sure that your device has at least the minimal requirements. Of course if you’d like to enjoy the game to the fullest, the recommended requirement will be better.

Device Requirement

Minimum Requirement: Android 4.0.3, 2G RAM
Recommended Requirement: Android 4.4.0 3G RAM

So here’s the link to download the CBT game!

Source: 2P

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