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Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – One Of The Best Fighter Games!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review – One Of The Best Fighter Games!

by February 6, 2018

Arc System Works


Bandai Namco

Release Date

26th January 2018

Release Platform

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows (Steam)


Dragon Ball has been around since the 90’s and they are recognized around the world even in the West. The popular manga and animated series of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and the latest Dragon Ball Super series (just to name a few) has been adapted into fighter games or role playing games many a times. Now with the latest console game by Bandai Namco, Dragon Ball FighterZ is just one of a kind that fans around the world would find it hard to pass on.

Yes, the genre of fighting games has been dull as the repetitive button mashing could not keep a player entertained for a very long time. Though old Dragon Ball fighting games have tried to keep players spending more time on the game by including a story or campaign mode which is based on the Dragon Ball Z lore, it always seemed lackluster during cut scenes and gameplays. But not for long, with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game has improved significantly compared to its other titles.


Dragon Ball FighterZ was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows (via Steam) on the 26th January 2018. At first sight, the game looked like any fighter game and one may even compare it with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with the control scheme and team mechanics which are interchangeable during mid-fights. Though the game has many attack combos that are easy to execute, but its still hard to master the game. Just like how Dragon Ball Z fights are, they are fast; teleporting around enemies beating them up. You’d experience the same thing as well in the game as every character in the game can pull of those same moves (except for certain abilities and supers).

Paired with a fast-paced gameplay, you’re punching the enemy around (or being punched around) if they failed to block and unleash your full combo on them. With the “Assist” move where players call one of their characters in, the combo just never stops. Simultaneous attacks and combos can be pulled off if coordinated right. That may sound easy to pull off but there are three characters for each player and you must defeat all three of a team to win.

While the action is incredibly entertaining, there are finisher moves that could be activated after you’ve beaten an opponent which could end up in two ways; one which is a Destructive Finish where you send your opponent flying off destroying pixel debris along the way and the other is a Dramatic Finish where the characters re-enact the iconic death scenes from the Dragon Ball Z series. However Dramatic Finishers require specific set of characters and stage to pull it off.

Here’s a list of Dramatic Finishers if you’d like:

Teen Gohan: You must choose Cell for your opponent and use the Cell Games Arena. You can’t have Goku on either team, and the stage must end up being destroyed.

Beerus: You must choose Goku for your opponent and use the Space stage. Alternatively, you can use Goku Black as your opponent with any stage, but Goku Black has to be below 10% health when Beerus’s super attack is used.

Goku: You must use Frieza for your opponent and use the Planet Namek stage. Make sure you destroy the stage.

Trunks: You must use Frieze for your opponent and use the Rocky Field (Noon) stage.

Nappa: You must use Yamcha as your opponent and use the Rocky Field (Noon) stage.

Goku: You must use Kid Buu as your opponent and use the Land of the Kais stage.

Yamcha: You must use Nappa as your opponent and use the Rocky Field (Noon) stage.

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And also the Arcade Mode gameplay below:

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The Pros

- Exciting fast-paced battles as it should be
- Easy combos to execute with equal depth-of-skill to master
- Amazing artwork bringing life to the Z Fighters
- Dramatic Finishers create a deep reference towards the ol' DBZ series

The Cons

- Loot boxes seemed unnecessary
- The Overworld Lobby System is a hassle to play with friends online

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Overall, the fast-paced gameplay and action fits the DBZ title very well as a fighting game. With familiar control scheme and team mechanics implemented, it allows for more competitive gaming among players. The cinematic scenes and Dramatic Finishers brings nostalgia to DBZ fans and can be an epic moment for new players. Dragon Ball Fighterz will definitely be entertaining for all fighter-gamers.

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