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Digimon Links Guide – How to get free DigiStones

Digimon Links Guide – How to get free DigiStones

by Healer_BKnightOctober 12, 2017

Bandai Namco

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Android, iOS

Digimon Links is finally available globally in English! Have you played it yet? For those who are playing the game now, you should know the importance of DigiStones. You can use them to capture rare Digimon, replenish stamina or speed up your facilities’ building process. You probably won’t want to spend real cash on the game (because it is expensive) so in this Digimon Links Guide, we will tell you the ways to get free DigiStones.

Digimon Links Guide

Login daily

You will get DigiStones as easy as logging in the game daily, so don’t forget to visit the game every day!

Clearing Quests

There will be 3 different type of quests you can challenge – Advent Quest, Normal Quest and Daily Quest. Clearing any of the quests for the first time will reward you 2 DigiStones. Different types of quests also give you different bonus rewards such as Data Fragment (required to Digivolve) and Digivolution fuel (for Digivolution).

Digimon Links Guide

Co-op with the others

Other than playing solo, you can choose to play co-op and that will earn you 3 extra DigiStones (10 extra DigiStones from the first 10 co-ops) every time. Your first recruitment will reward you a first clear bonus too, so remember to do a recruitment at least once. Other than that, you can also co-op with your friends for extra DigiStones.

Digimon Links Guide

Completing Missions

There is a great variety of missions offering you DigiStones, which are categorized into 3 categories – Beginner Mission, Daily Mission and Cumulative Mission. Beginner Mission usually asks you to perform certain activities for the first time, while Daily Mission refreshes on daily basis and rewards you with 3 DigiStones when you complete all of them. Most of the cumulative Missions reward you with a bigger amount of DigiStones but requires a longer time to complete.

Digimon Links Guide

These are all we know, you are welcomed to share with us if there are any other ways to get DigiStones for free!

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