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Com2uS announces 2017 Summoners War World Arena Championship

Com2uS announces 2017 Summoners War World Arena Championship

by Healer_BKnightAugust 11, 2017


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As Com2uS officially announces, Summoners War World Arena Championship will hold preliminaries tournaments in 9 different countries globally. A total prize money of $100,000 is up for grabs, while the top 16 players will be flown to the United States to compete for the crown in the World Finals this November.

The regional preliminaries will hold in the countries below:
  • North America: Los Angeles, New York
  • Europe: Paris
  • Asia: Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong
  • Southeast Asia: Bangkok

Representatives from the Middle East, South America and Oceania regions will be selected through online tournaments.

summoners war world arena championship

500 participants will be competing in the first regional preliminary in Seoul on 27 August for the World Finals slot (top 2 players will be selected). For Southeast Asia region, players can sign-up for the Southeast Asia Finals (link below) for a chance to compete in Bangkok, Thailand on 23 September. All participants will be selected based on the ranking of the real-time PvP “World Arena”. Only a total of 8 players will be chosen, but some in-game rewards will be given out to all users who signed-up for the tournament.

summoners war world arena championship

If this interests you, make sure you sign-up for the Southeast Asia Finals! You can visit the official Summoners War Facebook Page for more information on the game and tournaments updates too.

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