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Brave Frontier 2 Launching In Japan On February 22nd!

Brave Frontier 2 Launching In Japan On February 22nd!

by CeeZeeFebruary 13, 2018


Release Date

22nd February 2018

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Brave Frontier 2 is the upcoming game which is the sequel to the current Brave Frontier mobile RPG that’s in the market now. The game has been teased since September 2017 but it was then later delayed to early Winter 2018 in Japan. Now that it’s 2018, A-Lim has made an announcement (like finally) of their official launch date which lands on the 22nd of February!

Check out the Brave Frontier 2 trailer below:

A-Lim, the Japanese developer of Brave Frontier, made the announcement during the Brave Frontier 2 presentation which also revealed a PC version of Brave Frontier 2. A-Lim will be partnering with DMM Game to operate it later in the Summer of Japan. As Brave Frontier 2 is the sequel to Brave Frontier, the story takes place after 20 years from the first game so it could be a whole different story on this one.

This time though, players will get to choose their own avatars either male of female in the game. There’s also a new battle system featured in the game called “Xcross Brave Burst” where players will launch a combination attack when 3 or more heroes are matched. There will be 2 collaboration campaign with Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger from the 2013 Super Sentai series upon official launch as seen in the trailer below:

Fun fact, Brave Frontier was also jotted in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most playable pixel art characters in a mobile game” which was certified on the 29th of January 2018. Though gumi was not present during such an important event, there’s no telling if they will be the global publishers for the game. Past announcements did mention of a global launch but with the absence of gumi, global launch might not be realized or a different publisher will take over.

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