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Angry Birds Evolution – A New Game by Rovio Launched!

Angry Birds Evolution – A New Game by Rovio Launched!

by CeeZeeJune 17, 2017

Rovio Entertainment

Release Platform

iOS, Android

Angry Birds Evolution is a game developed by the original creators of the Angry Birds IP, Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds have come along way and now they have grown and evolved into full fledged birds that can fly on their own. The game has a RPG style and it is up to you to build your team of birds to stop those pesky pigs invading Bird Island.

Check out their gameplay trailer below:

Angry Birds Evolution looks really promising with over 100 birds to collect and evolve them to become an even angrier bird, or better. You build your team of birds that compliment with each of their own abilities and win the battle of the pigs. Even the birds have classes so be vary of how you compose your team of birds. For each class of birds will have their own strength and weaknesses along with their own abilities. However you can only bring 5 birds in your team against 90 different types of pigs.



Instead of just battling through the game, you can also explore Bird Island with a quest to defeat the Bacon Corp; kinda like a Pokemon adventure except with some angry birds. There will be weekly events and you can also battle players in the Oinktagon that will reap you rewards. You can bring your friends into the game and set up a clan to battle or compete with other bird clans which will earn extra perks and unlock a chatroom for social businesses.




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Angry Birds Evolution

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